Welcome to Recital Publications


Our offerings are principally new and reprint editions of late 19th century and early 20th century art songs of many countries. We also offer new and reprint editions of works in other genres, including vocal duets, trios and quartets, opera and concert arias, scenes, solo cantatas, pantomimes, one-acts, vocal chamber music, and choral works.

In addition, we offer new and reprint editions of late 19th century and early 20th century instrumental solo and chamber music and orchestral scores.

We are also publish first editions of vocal and instrumental works by several current composers, including Royal Brantley, Rocco DiGiovanni, John Duke, Walter Foster, Timothy Hoekman, Michael Horvit, James Marks, Alexandre Rydin, Phillip Schroeder, and the complete Canzone Scordate of Arne Dørumsgaard.

The following books on vocal pedagogy are included in our catalogue:

Cornelius L. Reid: 1. Bel Canto: Principles and Practices. 2. The Free Voice: A Guide to Natural Singing. 3. Voice: Psyche and Soma. 4. A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology. 5. Essays on the Nature of Singing.

We also publish Singing Redefined by Walter C. Foster and reprints of treatises by Charles Lunn and Edmund J. Myer.

Walter Foster (Owner/Editor) and Jerry Lynn Foster (Recital Publications Pianist) are available on a limited basis to conduct workshops in Vocal Literature and Performance. For further information, contact info@recitalpublications.com.